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Editor's Choice Of 2020.

Give it up for Ghost of Tsushima. Jin’s grand quest for saving his homeland is the favorite of 2020.

Individual's Preference

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Xbox Series X

While the design of Xbox Series X has been compared with a fridge by many people on it’s reveal but it’s hardware & performance has been given A+ by Critics & Gamers. But exclusive games-wise, Xbox needs to show something substantial to win the war.

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PlayStation 5

Just like PSs4, the PlayStation 5 has made it’s way to the heart of people. People & Critics all around the world are not getting exhausted by speaking highly of the console but the real question is that, will Ps5 be able to outrun the sales performance of Ps4.

Latest News.

Will Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Become Xbox Exclusive, Xbox Series X, Project 007, hitman 3 Review, Ps5 restock in india

Will Bethesda’s Indiana Jones game become Xbox Exclusive?

So another Xbox game is being announced by Bethesda and Machine Games and I am not talking about just any game I am talking about Indiana Jones one of the biggest franchises in media. I mean we all know Indiana Jones from the 80s and all the action adventures he had and everybody here probably

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Hitman 3: The New Persistent Shortcuts, project 007, IOI, Hitman 3, Himan 3 new features, Hitman 3 revew

Hitman 3: The New Persistent Shortcuts.

For People the year 2021 started on 1st of January, 2021 but for gamers, their year will start when they will play Hitman 3. Few days are left of Hitman 3 being released and IO Interactive has recently divulge a new feature Called “The Persistent Shortcuts” from their upcoming game Hitman 3 to make the

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Watch 14 minutes of next-gen Xbox horror fest 'The Medium', Xbox Series X, Project 007, Xbox Uk, The Medium

With 14 minutes of Spooky gameplay of ‘The Medium’.

Developed by Bloober Team, The Medium is finally getting close to it’s release date after being delayed from it’s original release date due to Covid-19. Yesterday, the studio behind [Observer, Blair Witch etc.] shared a clip of 14 minutes of gameplay from The Medium so that Fans can get to understand what this game is gonna like

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Horizon Forbidden West, PlayStation 2021 New Exclusive Games For Ps4, Ps5 And Pc, Ps5 in india, Ps5 Exclusives, Elden Rings, Silent Hills Ps5

Sony’s PlayStation 2021 New Exclusive games for Ps4, Ps5 and Pc.

The PlayStation already had an incredible console launch with new games to display the power of the Ps5 and now Sony is looking forward into the future with a ton of timed launch and full exclusive games to keep players excited through the year. A diverse collection of gorgeous games among some of the PlayStation’s

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